Club TT Championship

2012 Time Trial Championship

The Club Time Trial starts this Wednesday with a 5km TT starting at 7:00pm.

Sign On is at McGee’s Garage in Kilbeggan which is out the Old Athlone Road.

The Club Time Trials will be run on a league basis and it is hoped to run a TT every 2nd Wednesday. The time trials will take place over various distances and we’ll also have a hill climb up The Cut. I’ll put up a calender soon.

Any Club Member interested in ‘the race of truth’ is welcome to come along and we hope that these events will be well attended.

Weekend Report May 14th


To begin this weekends report an extract from the Oxford English Dictionary is in order.

Rubbish:- adjective, British Informal

  • very bad, worthless or useless: people might say I was a rubbish cyclist, she was rubbish at maths

Rubbish just about sums up my entire weekend, but I’ll try and put a positive spin on things.

As the best amateurs in the country were flaking themselves up the side of a mountain in Wicklow, competing for the prestigious Shay Elliot Memorial, us mere mortals in A3 and A4 normally have a weekend off. However not so this year. Continue reading Weekend Report May 14th

Sunday Spin May 6th

Group Spins

Sunday brought some reasonable weather with the sun shining but with a noticeable chill in the air. A large B

On the road near Glendine

group headed with a much smaller A group. As Seamus was away for the weekend there was no route planned. Route planning is normally something the A group never does. We have a kind of herd mentality and normally follow the leader. A flat ride out to Athlone was mentioned but shot down quickly. As Mark is heading for the Lanzarote Ironman in 2 weeks we let him decide the days route. With the prospect of some 2500 metres of climbing to look forward to Mark called for some hills. Several routes were touted until we finally agreed on doing the base of the Slieve Blooms. Continue reading Sunday Spin May 6th

MIL League Race 3

Race Report

Race 3 of the 2012 Midland League was hosted by the Lakeside Wheelers on Thursday last. The weather gods were nice to us and the sun was shining down on the Dysart circuit. There was another good turnout from Tullamore CTC in both A/B and C/D groups.

Sprint for the line in C/D Race

A/B Race

4 TCTC members headed out with the B group, myself, Collie, Paul and Mick. The B+ group joined with the B’s as numbers were low. The race consisted of 4 laps of the Dysart Circuit which totalled around 35km. The advantage over the smaller A group was 2 minutes. Continue reading MIL League Race 3