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  1. Hi where do yer spins leave from i am in a cycling club in cork and spend a few weekends a year in clara and would love to join yer group at the weekends i am up ? Can u pass any info on to me my number is ****** or my e mail is

        1. There’ll be groups heading out at 8:30am from the Ballalley Carpark which is across the road from the Sacred Heart Secondary School on the Daingean Road. Your more than welcome to join with one of the groups.

      1. Hi Shane,

        Another Corkman here,wouldye accept one more for a sat/sun morning spin? I’m in Tullamore the weekend after next and occasionally throughout the year, Road &MTB.


        1. Hi Dan,

          Sorry for the late reply. Road spins leave the Ball Alley Carpark. Across the road from the Sacred Heart Secondary School. Starting at 9am. Feel free to come along.


    1. Hi Blair,

      The cost for membership is €60. You can hand this into Seamus in Buckley’s Cycles along with a copy of your driving licence to confirm your details.

  2. Hello Shane

    I hope the winter training is going well, Theres a lad in our club who regularly mountian bikes, and wants to hit the slieve blooms

    his name is Brian nevin , you can email him *********

    let him know either way .

    thanks again

  3. Hi Shane do ye still have club spins on sundays am up that way again this weekend and might join ye if u do !! was out with ye before and had a good spin !!

    1. Yeah Stephen we’re still out on Sunday’s. As of last week the meetup time is still 8:30am at the Ball Alley carpark. The groups will probably move back to 9:00am soon and I will let you know when that happens. But for Sunday should be a 8:30am meetup.

        1. This time of the year probably around 50 to 60 miles at a steady speed. Meetup time is back to 9:00am for the winter.

  4. HI, I was thinking about joining ye for a spin on Sunday. I am new to cycling though. How long is the route? Would it suit a beginner? I currently do about 60k a week in 8 – 20k spins. And where is the Ballalley? Thanks.

  5. hi,
    Im 12 years old and i was wondering was there a junior club and what speed/distance they would be going and when.
    Thank You

    1. Hi Bill,
      The juniors normally do about 30km to 40km depending on ability. The season has now ended as the schools are back but will start again next year.

  6. Hi All
    I am looking to speak to anyone that can help with advice direction or even know of someone whom would like to donate a tandem cycle to us.We are an organisation that provide rehabilitation to adults with a brain injury sustained from road traffic accident sports injury stroke illness chemical poisioning or illness .Physical exercise is an important element in rehabilitation programmes and for those with visual and spacial deficits a tandem cycle would enable them to participte in this sport bringing with this all the social and community benifits of feeling belonging and included .If you can help please call me any day up to 9pm in the evenings and I would be delighted to hear from you .My numbers are 0879305400 or 0851547244. My email is Warmest Regards Doreen

  7. Hey, hows it going? Did you guys get my e-mail? I emailed you at the weekend about the cycling club and haven’t heard anything back.

    1. Hi Ciaran,

      Its been a little while since I updates the website and I think your email may have slipped through the cracks. If you need any information just put a comment on here and I’ll reply.


  8. Hi,

    I would like to join in the weekly spin and hopefully join the club.
    What times do you start at on Sunday mornings this time of year? I would be in Group C/B.

    Dan O’Connor

    1. Hi Dan,

      We currently have 3 groups out on Sunday. A and B leave the Ballalley at 9:00am and there is a slower B group going out at 10 am.

      See you on the Road.


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