How Do I Join?

If you would like to join the cycling club in order to improve your fitness or to simply meet new people then the following information should detail the process.


  1. Join the Club on our weekly Sunday Spins. The Club leaves The Ballalley Car Park at 8:30am (9:00am in winter) on Sunday mornings. Riders of all abilities are welcome.
  2. If you are enjoying the experience then it is important that you officially join the club in order to have insurance cover in case you injure yourself or others.
  3. To join, see the following page and enter your details in the Cycling Ireland online portal.
  4. Pay your club membership fee to any committee member or drop into Buckley Cycles.

Which Group do I Join?

Group Details

There are currently 3 levels catered for within the senior section of the Club.

Each group cycles at different speeds and as such a suitable degree of fitness is required for each.

Group A: 

  • Typical Average Speed: 18 – 20 mph
  • Typical Distance: 70 – 80 miles
  • Rider Characteristics: Riders looking to compete in Cycling Ireland Open Racing or Midland League Racing. Riders looking to compete in Sportives or Long Distance Competition.

Group B

  • Typical Average Speed: 15 – 17 mph
  • Typical Distance: 60 -70 miles
  • Rider Characteristics: Riders looking to cycle in Sportives and Leisure Cycling Events. Group B suitable as a stepping stone to Group A.

Group C

  • Typical Average Speed: 13 – 15 mph
  • Typical Distance: 40 -60 miles
  • Rider Characteristics: Beginner Cyclists looking to learn the art of Group Cycling and improve their fitness. Cyclists looking to cycle in Sportives and Leisure Cycling Events.

2 thoughts on “How Do I Join?

  1. Nurul Nor

    I’m thinking of joining the club, where can I get the form?
    Secondly, for this coming Sunday Spins, what time do you start? Still 9.00 or already moved to 8.30am?



    1. Shane Scally Post author


      Sunday Spins have reverted back to 8:30am and we meet at the Ballalley Car Park across from the Sacred Heart Secondary School.

      If you enjoy the spin joining the Club is easy. All we need is a copy of your drivers licence for proof of address and the appropriate fee. For normal membership this is € 50.

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