Club Membership

So you are thinking about joining our cycling club, whether it is to improve your fitness in a very social environment or its your first step on the road to victory in the Tour de France we have a few simple procedures to follow.

Firstly you must apply to Cycling Ireland for a license (Junior, Senior, Vet, racing or otherwise). Cycling Ireland are the governing body for cycling sport on the Island of Ireland and are the sole authority for issuing cycling licenses in Ireland. Once you are a member of Cycling Ireland you automatically have third party cycling insurance. You will not be allowed to cycle or participate with our club without this……..!! To join, see the following page and enter your details in the Cycling Ireland online portal;

Now you can join us on our weekly Sunday Spins. The Club leaves The Ball Alley Car Park at 8:30am (9:00am in winter) on Sunday mornings.

Riders of all abilities are welcome. Groups depart together according to the average speed for the spin,30kph,26kph and 22kph are the usual divisions.

If you have enjoyed that initial experience you can now pay your club membership fee to any committee member or drop into Buckley Cycles.

If you want a racing licence go to our Racing Membership page