MIL League Update R1 & R2

R1 Mount Temple

Fair play to everyone involved with the MIL League its great to be back at it for 2013. Shannonside CC again put on a great show for the league opener on April 18th. The weather was looking a bit dodgy on the way over but thankfully we only had a brief shower to cool us down.

A fair few of the former B Group have upgraded themselves to the A’s for a bit of extra training. Yours truly is suffering from a lack of form at the minute and I was happy enough to stick my name down on the B sheet. A good group of TCTC riders showed up for both the A/B and the C/D race.

As the A’s had a lot of fire-power we managed to sneak a 2:30 head start. The pace was hectic to start and we soon shelled a few out the back. I wasn’t feeling totally comfortable as the lap went on and my legs were feeling a bit lethargic to say the least. Mick Scully and Paul Kavanagh put in a lot of turns on the front in order to keep the group moving. However the group wasn’t working particularly well during lap 1. By Lap 2 we began to get the up and overs going with a bit more purpose. I was rolling as best I could but still my legs were lacking. By this stage both Ollie Daly and Collie Brady had punctured out which left the group a little short on fire power.

Lap 3 began and we still maintained a led on the A’s behind. It was looking like we might stay away for the entirety. The wind was causing some difficulty on the main Athlone Road and the pace was starting to suffer. The roll ups were becoming a little slacker and soon enough the A’s were bearing down on us. So near yet so far. If we had of gotten around towards Baylin we would of had a strong tail wind which would of helped heading to the finish.

Long story short. The A’s caught use and I soon blew up. Out the back is not a nice place but I just didn’t have it in the legs at all. Damien Mitchell got the best result with a strong 2nd place behind local strong man Keith Fox who hung on for a great  win.

Ben Dunne got a great 3rd place in the C/D race.

R2 Clara

TCTC hosted R2 of the Buckley Cycles MIL League last Thursday 25th of April. Thanks to all the marshals you turned up and fair play to Seamus Buckley for organising everyone and still managing to partake in the C/D race. The weather was nice for a change with the sun making a rare appearance. After my shocker in R1 I was hoping for a little better this time around although the signs weren’t good after the Visit Nenagh Classic on Sunday.

The B group was severely depleted this time around as some of the stronger domestiques lined up with the A’s for a hard speed session. The handicap was 2:30 to the A’s which was not hugely generous considering the sparse numbers in the B’s. We set off anyway at  a steady pace towards Ballycumber. The up and overs got going fairly quickly but it soon became apparent that we weren’t up to much as the pace was very inconsistent. The road out to Ballycumber was into a tough headwind and a few guys started missing turns from a very early stage.

4 of us pushed on over the finishing climb heading into lap 2 which wasn’t the greatest manoeuvre of all time. It was hard enough with 8 and was going to be almost impossible with 4 no matter how strong we were. The pace soon dropped off heading out of Clara and the group reformed. I was deep into the pain cave at this stage and it was doubtful I’d find a way out before the bell. By the time we were onto the bog road the A’s were within sight and closing us down fast. We were mopped up before the bell and the pace went up as is normal when you get caught. Some strong riding by the A’s left me in a world of hurt and I soon through the towel in. Great 2 rounds of MIL and 2 non finishes.  My form is really crap at the minute but i’ll keep plugging away and hopefully it returns pretty soon. Peter Gillespie was the best finisher for TCTC as an escape group got away before the finish to mop up most of the points.

In the C/D race Ben Dunne had a great win. There was some great teamwork by all the TCTC riders with Seamus Buckley and the rest of the lads putting in some big turns on the run in to set the race up for Ben. Needless to say Ben leads the C/D by a 13 point margin. Keep it up Ben.


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