Note on Group Safety

There has been a couple of accidents in the last two weeks within the Group Sunday Spins so I think it is worth highlighting some general safety points and group riding techniques.


Group Cycling Safety Advice

  1. Always wear a helmet. Any cyclists not wearing a helmet won’t be allowed on the Sunday Spins. The picture below shows the impact taken by a helmet after a recent incident in the A Group.
  2. Ensure that your bike is in good working order. Ensure brakes and gears are properly adjusted and tyres are in good condition.
  3. In winter conditions wear bright clothing and consider mounting lights on your bike to warn motorists.

    Damage to a Helmet after a Crash in the A Group
  4. When cycling in the Group don’t brake suddenly. Sudden braking will cause following cyclists to slam on their brakes and could cause an accident.
  5. When at the front ensure that all Pothole’s and Obstacles are called.
  6. Never overlap wheels when cycling in a Group. This can lead to wheels touching and can take down several riders.
  7. Don’t move up on the inside unless you make the rider outside aware of your presence.
  8. Cycle in a predictable way. Stay in a straight line and keep a constant speed. Don’t break or slow down suddenly.
  9. When approaching a hill watch for the cyclist in front if he gets out of the saddle. This causes a loss of momentum and it is easy to run into the back of them.
  10. Don’t half wheel at the front. Let the cyclists on the left dictate the pace.
  11. When rolling up keep a constant pace. Don’t sprint ahead. Keep the pace steady.
  12. If you are struggling wave other riders through and try and take a break at the rear of the group. Everyone has bad days and don’t be ashamed to miss a turn.

I’ve tried to include the most important items to do with Safety while cycling in the Group. I’ll keep this list posted in the Club Info section and will add to it.



Please leave a comment if there are important items that I’ve missed and you think they should be included.

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