2013 New Year, Fresh Start

Winter Training Update

After an extended winter break from the website its time to kick start the new year with my first post of 2013. I’ve only recently returned from my winter hibernation to Australia where my winter training plans disappeared into a plate of chips. For some reason the Aussies love their fries and the humble potato is hard to find in the land down under. Needless to say my body is still trying to adjust to the different vagaries of the Irish weather in Winter. Leaving Melbourne where it was a sweat busting 40 degrees it was a large shock to come back to 5 degrees and rain.

Ollie takes King of the Mountain honours

Normally when a person flies half way round the world they tend to take a bit of time off to reset the body clock and ease themselves back into it. Yours truly didn’t follow this method and instead, less than 24 hours after arriving back in Ireland, I pulled into the Ballalley car park for the A winter training spin. Needless to say I was a slight bit off the pace. A certain few obviously didn’t eat the full Christmas dinner whereas I was still on Melbourne time.

The dreaded route to the Curragh was chosen. Great 70+ miles of torture with a nice strong wind to gently tear me apart on the flat, dreary, sheep infested Curragh. This route only has one positive in my mind. I can bail out with 10km to go. I had already made my mind up that passing by my front door was certainly not going to happen. The legs lasted until the Newbridge roundabout, after which I developed a series of cramps in both legs. The rest stop in Rathangan was badly required and having barely sat down Buckley was barking at everyone to get going again. Needless to say I was last off and it took about 5km to rejoin the group. It was a day where I was praying for a puncture or some mechanical to halt the torture. Alas no relief came and I struggled pathetically all the way to Ballinagar.


Dermot explaining his crash in graphic detail.

MTB Spins

Two weeks have passed since my ill fated return to this cycling lark and I feel like i;m going backwards. The recent cold weather has curtailed training on the road which has lead to several training rides in the mountains. The art of mountain biking is best enjoyed when hurtling downhill with no effort required. Tullamore CTC’s version is more akin to an army boot camp with endless climbing and not enough descending. Recent cycles have concentrated around Kinnity Castle from which we head around the Wolftrap. Lots of climbing to be had wherever you go.


Anyone for a Coffee

The nice aspect of MTB riding is the distinct lack of cars to worry about. No one has to shout for potholes unless they consist of a washed away bridge. The only things you need to worry about is the odd deer or a wild looking farmer who doesn’t like bikers cycling through his muck infested track way.

You may wonder why there is a distinct lack of detailed ride information here. Well my winter training hasn’t been going great guns at present and i’ve been getting a fair ass whipping from some of the more dedicated lads. Just for kicks, January 20th cycle was almost 3 hours with over 800 metres of climbing in less than 40km.


2013 Membership

Rates for membership in 2013 as agreed at the AGM in November are as follows.

  1. Non Competiton =  € 50
  2. Club Competition = € 80
  3. Full Competiton = € 150

If you would like to join please return your subscription to Jacinta Condron or you can drop them into Seamus in Buckley Cycles.

Cycling Ireland are starting to insist on payling online and it looks like this system will be mandatory from next year.

New members are welcome. Just bring a copy of your drivers licence or passport and the correct membership fee and give them to the people mentioned above.


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