MIL League Race 5

A/B Race Report

With the country basking in unusual warm weather a large turnout was assured at last Thursdays MIL League Race in Clara. A large group signed on for the A/B race with most of the numbers in the B and B+ groups. As usual the race distance was 3 laps over the Clara Circuit. Myself, Aidan, Mick and Paul headed off with the B’s and we had a slender 1:30 advantage over the much larger B+ group.

We had hardly rolled out when the B’s got caught behind a tractor. With cars coming towards us there was little we could do but wait for a gap. Most of the group made it around the tractor but myself and 2 Lakesider’s were caught out and quickly lost contact with the rest of the bunch. A frantic chase back ensued but we were making no inroads on the group ahead and we soon sat back and waited for the much larger B+ group.

We were soon mopped up by the bigger group on the back straight. There is no nicer feeling than sitting in a big group getting pulled along at 40km/h +. The B+ group were working well with Ollie putting in some big pulls on the Ballycumber road. With a good number riding on the front it wouldn’t be long before we reeled in the remainder of the B group. The catch was dully made on the 2nd lap and the combined group contained a large amount of riders.

There were a few digs off the front with Collie attempting to break it up but no one was willing to let a group up the road. With no sign of the A group on the long straight heading into Ballycumber it was becoming clear that the group would stay away until the end.

With such a large group the sprint was going to be a tight affair. Aidan came back to me and offered to lead me out. Cheers Aidan. So coming into the last 500 metres I planted myself on Aidan’s back wheel. The drag to the finish line is always deceiving and riders often start their sprint too early. Aidan gave me a great lead out to within 250 metres and after that it was up to me. I managed to find a couple of gaps and put the hammer down. With the late sprint I managed to pass out a good few riders and crossed the line in 2nd-3rd position. It was pretty close between myself and a Shannonsider so I’m not sure what way the points went. Thanks to Aidan for the lead out. Brian Neville from SSCC took a fine win. The rest of the TCTC lads finished within the main group.

Garmin Stats:- Distance – 38.65km, Avg Speed – 39.0km/h

C/D Race Report

Again another large crowd turned out for the C/D race. TCTC had a good turnout which included 3 of our U16 riders, Killian Quinn, Ben Dunne and John O’Donoghue. They have taken part in a couple of MIL races and they are improving with every race.

The D group didn’t manage to stay away and the uphill sprint was contested with a combined C/D group. Aidan Daly from Lakeside took a fine win. TCTC’s junior riders finished strongly with Ben Dunne finishing in 4th. Killian Quinn finished just behind in 5th. John O’Donoghue was going well towards the end but suffered a touch of cramp. The future is looking bright for the club with such strong performances from the junior contingent. The more senior TCTC riders all finished within the group. The latest league table shows Vinnie Meredith in a fine 7th place. Seamus Buckley, Darren Keoghan and Gay Lowry follow close behind. Keep it up lads.


Thanks to all the volunteer marshals and the lead car drivers. Without your help we wouldn’t be able to put on these races.

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