MIL League Race 4

A/B Race

SSCC hosted Race 4 of the 2012 MIL League last Thursday over the Mount Temple circuit. The field in A/B was

Group B Chasing

definitely the largest of the year so far. The weather gods were kind and the rain stayed away although a nice breeze made things intersting.

With the large crowds the A/B groups were split in 3 with B, B+ and A going off in that order. There were 10 of us in Group B and we had a 1:30 advantage over the much larger B+ group. From TCTC there was myself and Paul in B with Ollie, Damien and Collie (recently upgraded following his 2nd place) in B+. Having only a slender 1:30 advantage the prospects of staying away for 3 laps were slim. Anyhow we set off at a nice pace getting the up and overs going early with everyone contributing. My legs were feeling fairly sluggish for the 1st lap. Not helped by the lack of a warm up due to being slightly late getting over. The first tine up Baylin was painful but I hung in there. Paul was doing great work on the front and never missed his turn, unlike yours truly who took a bit of time to recover at the rear of the group.

We still maintained an advantage heading into lap 2, but the speed was beginning to drop as the efforts to pull the group along took their toll. On the long back straight the lead car for the B+’s came into view. The catch was inevitable and was duly made as we turned towards Baylin. Due to the large number in B+ the group size swelled to around 30 plus riders.

Group C on Baylin

With the groups now together it was time for a small break before the finish. With no sign of the A group it was looking like the B’s might fight it out for the win. The combined group rode pretty well for most of the last lap with everyone doing a pull. This continued until Baylin where a small group put in a bit of a dig. Ever the foolish one, I tried to bridge up to this small group which contained fellow TCTC rider Paul. We only gained about 20 metres on the bunch so this move was going nowhere fast. Sure enough the catch was made within a couple of k’s of the finish.

With about 1km to go a Lakesider took a flier of the front. Yeah yeah those moves never work. The rider always dies on the drag to the line. Unknown to me this rider happened to be Damien Shaw. Irish Paralympic track pilot star. Who had managed to bridge across to our group coming into the finish. Needless to say he took a comfortable victory with plenty to spare. The sprint for 2nd was a bit messy with an oncoming car causing mayhem. TCTC’s Damien Mitchell put in a powerful finish to take 2nd. Yours truly tried to get on Damien’s wheel put failed. Think I managed to place 6th which I was thrilled with as my legs were in bits for the whole race. The rest of the lads rolled in with the bunch. Some of them having being put off by that bloody car.

Garmin Stats – Distance: 41.2km, Avg Speed: 40.1km/h


C/D Race

A sizeable TCTC contingent took to the start line for the C/D race. The numbers taking part in the C/D races has been huge and this race was no different.

Oliver Kelly from Mid West Road Club took another great win, making it 2 from 2. The TCTC contingent finished in the main bunch.


The results from the last race plus the overall league table can be viewed on

The next race is in Clara on 24th May.


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