MIL League Race 1

Race Report

There was a good turnout from Tullamore CTC at the first MIL League Race last Thursday 19th April at Mount Temple. 6 Tullamore CTC members signed on for the A/B race with a further 6 going out in the C/D race. For Vinnie and Shane Dunne it was their first ever taste of racing. As usual there was a strong turnout from the host club Shannonside CC and also from Wolftrap, Mullingar, Laois and Mid West Road Club.

Group B after lap 2

The group eventually brought back both escapees on the 3rd and final lap with Damien later claiming that he thought the race was only 2 laps. We’ll allow him that one mistake seeing as it was his first MIL race in a few years. During the 3rd lap I glanced back a couple of times and could see the lead car for the A group just behind. The inevitable was going to happen and sure enough the A’s caught us as we turned and headed for Baylin.

The pace increased for a couple of miles before a bit of tactical riding in preparation for the sprint.The drag up to the finish sorted out the men from the boys and just as I started to sprint my shoe unclipped and I nearly went off. Stephen Franzoni took t1st in the sprint with a trio of Tullamore CTC members coming in 10th, 11th and 12th positions.

In the C/D race the Tullamore CTC members did a ton of work on the front and probably paid for that effort in the closing sprint. Vincent Meredith took a well deserved 11th with Seamus coming in just behind in 12th.

Full results can be found on the Buckley Cycles web page here –

Garmin Stats for A/B Race: Distance – 41.14km, Avg Speed – 39.8km/h

Thanks to Shannonside CC for organising the race and refreshments afterwards. Thank to all the marshals, motorcycle outriders and anyone else involved.

Group C/D on Lap 2
Tail End of Group B Lap 2










Group A chasing B
Group C/D on Lap 2





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