Safety Concerns

Road Safety Issues

Donagh recently posted this over on Facebook so just re-iterating the message here. Stay safe folks!

Over the weekend we have had two serious incidents on the roads involving club members out on weekend spins. In Tullamore two of our regular “A” riders were struck by a car when an elderly driver pulled straight across them at a junction. The driver of the car “never saw them “!!

In Wicklow yesterday, one of our members joined some friends on a club ride and a similar incident took place. Unfortunately the rider sustained serious head injuries from the impact and is not expected to survive. Our prayers are with this man and his family. I am not mentioning names in either incident.

We are currently looking at ways to improve rider safety on the roads. In both cases the riders were doing exactly what they should have been doing on the road, and became victims of careless driving.

The cyclist is always going to come out worst when this happens. Just because there is a bit more light in mornings and evenings, we should not take for granted that we are any more visible to motorists. WE ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT !!! We are all looking forward to a long season of ride outs, tours, races and good training spins……Make yourself visible, Obey the rules of the road and expect the unexpected. This is not the type of news we like to have to highlight so stay safe folks !!!