Racing Report West Coast Wheelers Feb 24th

Race Report

The 2013 racing season started in earnest last Sunday with the West Coast Wheelers 85km handicap event. The race is based around Loughrea and includes a nasty climb around Derrybrien. I did this race last year and managed to finish 3rd in the A4 event. As an A3 this year I was feeling a little apprehensive as my training hasn’t gone to plan so far this year. As always the first race of the year tends to be a nervous affair with everyone trying to figure out where there forms at.

Myself and Ollie travelled over to Loughrea together and met up with Peter and Mick who were already in position. Paul picked up a chest infection during the week so he was out. Mick decided to do the A4 event even though his recent transformation from super domestique to spindly climber perfectly suited the proposed route. The A3/A2/A1 event included an ascent of Derrybrien along with 2 laps of a 15km circuit which brought the race distance up around the 85km mark. Continue reading Racing Report West Coast Wheelers Feb 24th

Lets go Racing

Weekend Update February 17th

Relaxing after Climbing The Cut
Relaxing after Climbing The Cut

With my racing form not exactly there yet I decided to forego the challenge of the opening race of 2013 in Monastrevin. Two brave TCTC souls headed for the Ned Flanagan Memorial 70k event which proved to be a fast opener. With a strong wind making conditions tough the race was fast from the gun. Collie and Mick hung in well but a crash about 5km from the finish ended the day. Collie hit the tarmac in the crash but luckily the Colnago survived along with its rider. Mick had to take to the grass cyclo cross style to avoid the carnage. The field was very large with over 230 riders signing on with the typical nervousness evident for an early season race. Hopefully the fields will settle down a little when I dust off the numbers for this weekend. Well done lads. Continue reading Lets go Racing

Weekend Update February 10th

Saturday MTB 9th Feb

With the racing season approaching fast our weekly MTB spins are slowly coming to an end. Dermot arrived early to the car park at Kinnity Castle where he was busily setting up a bit of a party piece. When the rest of the gang arrived Dermot opened up his boot to reveal a mini-bar complete with shot glasses and spirits. The gang were invited to take a shot of whiskey or brandy to celebrate the MTB season. I downed a shot of Jameson which was sure to have great performance enhancing effects. Forget all this racket with EPO and blood doping it was good old fashioned hard liquor for the Tullamore crew.

With the shots dispatched in double quick time the six of us left the carpark and headed for the hills. The after effects of the whiskey certainly didn’t enhance my performance and I spent the day in the pain cave while Peter, Paul and Brian flew up the hills. The scenery was stunning as always and the weather was kind to us. Our typical route takes in the mountains to the rear of the castle where we then head across to the loops surrounding the scouts den.

Dermot drink up!
Dermot drink up!

Martie and John were in good form all day and I certainly had a good view of everyone from the autobus. Dermot had announced that the inaugural Tullamore CTC Mountain Goat award was up for graps after the days ride. The only goat I was liable to see was of the wild variety. Stats for the day were Distance – 31.5km, Total Climbing – 750m.

We ended the day with a coffee break in Kinnity Castle which is turning into a bit of a tradition after the MTB spin. Why has it taken so long to do this? It certainly is a nice way to end the day. Dermot and Martie retired to decide the winner of the Mountain Goat jersey. In the end the winner was bound to be either Peter or Paul. The judging panel decided to award Peter the jersey for 2013 who looks great in the special edition jersey. There’s always next year.




Mini Bar
Mini Bar
Car park gathering
Car park gathering









Road Spin 10th Feb

After a nice workout on Saturday I was hoping for another decent session on Sunday to get myself ready for the start of the racing season. I’ve missed a few Sundays so I wasn’t particular confident of cycling when I woke up on Sunday morning. The sound of rain hitting off the window is never to appealing especially when your deciding whether to cycle or not. I’m not known for my love of crap weather so I was contemplating rolling around and going back to sleep. However I got myself up and ready and managed to make it into the Ballalley for the 9:00am start.

11 brave souls from A group showed up. B group had a very good showing with their numbers up around the 20 mark. A few notable absentees from A group were noted and we even had someone show up only to abandon ship and head to the gym. Your names are duly noted for the Tullamore CTC wimp list which was started after the Tour of Burren last year. Collie and Dermot were present which was to be expected after our torture in Clare last year. Seamus Buckley was running 20 miles in training for his marathon in March. As a result of Seamus’s absence Dermot took over as road captain.

Due to the conditions a shorter than normal spin was called and we headed towards Blueball along the bypass. The wind was strong from the west and progress was tough for the first hour and a half. The first half of the spin took us to Cloghan and then across the bog to Ferbane. The crap road between the two towns has been improved in places but is still a torture to cycle on. We stopped for a coffee in Ferbane and to discuss tactics for the return leg. Dermot as captain called for a steady pace until we reached the turn at Athlone at which point we will push it along with the wind on our backs.

The plan was on track as we hit the Athlone road and the speed increased along with a favourable tailwind. Shane Guinan and Martie were cycling strong however progress was halted outside Moate when Dermot punctured. A quick repair ensued with Collie bragging about his Co2 canister capabilities. We got going again quickly and headed onto Kilbeggan. The hill outside Horseleap was the breaking point for me as my lack of miles caught up with me. Damien has been issued with a yellow card for his jump after I was on the front. Cue a lonely cycle into Kilbeggan. The lads were kind to me and waited outside Kilbeggan as we headed for home. Durrow Hill was the final nail in the coffin and I was content to roll in to town.

Stats for the day: 94km at 30km/h

Don’t forget to get your order in for the new jersey. A 50% deposit is required with all orders.


Out on the trails
Out on the trails
Peter is 'The Mountain Goat'
Peter is ‘The Mountain Goat’


New Club Jersey 2013 **Updated


** Update ** 

Final Order Date for the 1st Order is Tuesday 23rd April. Racing is ongoing and we need to order to have any hope of getting the jersey for this season.

After the Club Meeting on Wednesday 13th last I have made some slight modifications to the jersey design which can be seen below.

As some of you may already know we have a new club jersey design for the coming season. The design is a slight change from the previous jersey with the main colours being green and black.


Updated Design March 2013
Updated Design March 2013


As you can see Buckley’s Cycles appears on the jersey. Seamus has kindly agreed to give us some sponsorship money to advertise the bike shop. However I know some members would prefer no sponsor logo so we will give people an opportunity to vote on what they would prefer.

Manufacturer and Sizing Information

Watt Custom have completed the design and we will be ordering the jerseys from them. They were the previous suppliers so sizing will be the same. The quality seems to be improved in both the jersey and the shorts. It will take at least 4 weeks from time of order until delivery.

Order Process

With this order we will require a deposit of 50% from everyone in order to proceed. I have included a order form which people can download and fill in with their preferred sizes and what items of clothing they require. An indicative price for the main items of clothing is included so we will take the deposit figure from this. The price will decrease if we can get a large order together. Completed order forms can be given to myself or Aidan McNamara or any committee member along with the deposit.

Sample Jersey

I have a sample jersey and I will bring it with me on Sunday 10th February for people to look at.

Closing date for return of order forms and deposits is Sunday 24th February. 

Order Form – Tullamore CTC Clothing Order Form 2013

Available Clothing – Clothing List 2013