Pat Colgan Report

Pat Colgan Report

A great crowd of 180+ cyclists took part in the 2012 Pat Colgan Charity Cycle yesterday. The weather gods were happy for once and we had a lovely day for the cycle. There was 3 separate cycles on the day with a 120km, 80km and a 40km family cycle. As expected there was a great turnout from TCTC with a good crew present from local clubs which is nice to see.

The 120km group ended up with over 80 cyclists taking part. Seamus was acting as chief police man with an unenviable task of trying to control the group. The 80km included a big B group contingent and several C group members. A portion of the 80km group took in the 2 big Slieve Bloom climbs so fair play to them. Continue reading Pat Colgan Report

Fran & Catherine Go for Gold

Paralympic’s 2012

Our distinguished club member Francine Meehan will go for gold at the Paralympic Games which begin on August 29th in London. Fran will pilot Catherine Walsh on the tandem throughout the games. The events on the Olympic Velodrome begin on Thursday August 30th.

The club held a special presentation night for Fran a couple of weeks ago to celebrate her and Catherine’s achievements to date. Continue reading Fran & Catherine Go for Gold

MIL Race 13 Abbeyshrule

A/B Report

With only 2 races left in the 2012 MIL League I found myself in 1st place overall in the A/B section going into last Thursday’s race in Abbeyshrule.  Its the 2nd time I’ve found myself leading the tables but I’ve never held on to the Maglia Rosa. Would Thursday’s race work out better. Long story short, No.

Getting back to the main report. Things didn’t get off to a great start on Thursday as only 1 fellow TCTC rider showed up. In comparison the Lakesider’s had about 10 guys in our B group. Fair play to Collie for turning out but we were really up against it from the off. The location of fellow TCTC riders was unknown but the IVCA 2 Day knocked a few out. Paul couldn’t pull off a Sean Kelly and cycle with a broken collarbone. The gap to the A boys was only 1 minute which seemed a bit small. The race consisted of 4 laps of the 11km circuit around the quiet roads of Abbeyshrule.

Onto the race and it soon became apparent that the Lakesider’s weren’t going to ride. The guys from Shannonside were riding through along with Gary from Wolftrap with a helping hand from me and Collie. The average for the first lap was over 40km/h. The advantage to the A group dwindled quickly and they pulled us back together well before the end of the first lap. Damien Shaw was acting as the locomotive as they quickly flew past us.

Onto the 2nd lap and a couple of speculative attacks were made by Peter Rimmer and Stephen Franzoni from the Lakesider’s. Peter was 2nd in the standings so we were forced to close him down. Damien Shaw soon got itchy feet and took of half way round the 2nd lap. No one was brave or stupid enough to chase him down and that was the last we saw of him.

Collie was riding well, closing down every attack and sitting on Peter’s wheel. The attacks kept on coming during the 2nd and 3rd laps and each time they were closed down by Collie, the Shannonsider’s or the lone wolf. Onto the final lap and with Damien Shaw disappearing into the distance it was a race for 2nd place. The riding was starting to become very tactical and soon Peter Rimmer fired off a strong attack heading through Colehill. As he headed into the distance it was time to launch Collie in an attempt to neutralise the threat. Collie bravely drove the pace for as long as he could. With Collie starting to flag I took off in hot pursuit of Peter and managed to get within 20 metres. I soon started to blow from the effort but luckily a few Shannonsider’s caught me and we began to work.

Collie found reserves from somewhere and drove the pace again. We soon managed to bring the group back together and everyone settled down for the inevitable sprint. The Abbeyshrule circuit has a tricky left hand corner with less than 1km to go. It’s vital to get around this in a good position in order to get up for the sprint. I managed to plant myself on Franzoni’s wheel going into this corner which wasn’t a bad place to be.

Having rounded the corner the sprint for 2nd started in earnest. My sprint ended up a little short as I was slightly fried from the chasing on the final lap. In the end I finished up outside the points which was disappointing considering the ride Collie put in. Peter took 3rd in the sprint and with it enough points to take back the leaders jersey.

Going into the final race in Mount Temple on August 24th its still close at the top. Hopefully the TCTC boys will turn out in force for one final effort.

In the C/D race there was a nasty looking crash involving 2 cyclists which put a dampener on the nights proceeding’s.

MIL Race 12 August 2nd

Race Report

The Buckley’s Cycles Midland League has not had the best of luck with this summers weather. Last Thursdays race in Dysart thankfully took part under clear skies and light winds. After last weeks Hill TT the pink jersey of overall leader had once again transferred to Peter Rimmer of the LSW.

A good crew of A/B riders signed on with more than 15 in the B+ group and 4 in the B group. The A group was depleted with a few of the regulars marshalling. The B’s had an advantage of 1 minute on the B+ with  a further gap to the fast men.

Tullamore CTC once again had a good turnout in the A/B race with myself, Paul, Aidan and Damien vying for points. Myself and Paul didn’t get going too well as we struggled to clip in. We soon found ourselves a nice bit behind and had to put in an early sprint effort to catch up with the main group. The first lap passed at a good average of over 42km/h. We were soon catching the B group and joined up soon after the turn in Castletown.

Onto the 2nd lap and the roll ups were working well and the speed was kept around 40km/h plus. At the turn in Castletown an unexpected attack from SSCC’s Jim Maguire broke up the race. I was lucky enough to be on his wheel at the time and accelerated with him. We soon had a bit of a gap and it looked like we might get something working. Several other riders bridged across and we soon had a group of 7 with every team represented except for Wolftrap.

The group behind was still fairly large but with a rider from each club it was a possibility that our little break might have a chance. We soon got the up and overs going and managed to build a small gap. Going into the last lap there was no sign of the rest of the group behind. Most riders in the break were doing a pull on the front with Billy, Jim and Ronan doing the majority.

We had picked up a rider who lost a lap and he did a few turns on the front which was strange as he was out of the race. The Laois rider didn’t roll through at all and sat on. He declared that he wouldn’t contest the sprint so fair enough. As we turned at Castletown for the last time there was still no sign of the main group behind.

On the run in to the finish the speed dropped back and one of the LSW lads was left on the front for the remainder of the race. As we got within 1km of the finish the main bunch appeared behind closing fast. I was sitting in a nice position about 4 wheels back as Ronan Costello from SSCC opened up the sprint. I got boxed in sprinting for the line and managed to finish 2nd behind Ronan. Billy came in 3rd and the aforementioned Laois rider in 4th. So much for saying he wouldn’t contest the sprint.

After the race I heard that the TCTC lads did a great job of disrupting the chase group behind which allowed our break to stay. Cheers guys. The points I got take me back into the lead in the overall standings with only 2 races remaining. There’ll be a nice bullseye on my back so.

Average speed for the race was 40.1km/h over 35km.