An Post Tour de Burren

Tour Report

So with the National Road Race Championships on last weekend there was no racing to look forward too. With the prospect of a resonable crew from TCTC making there way down to Ballyvaghan for the Tour de Burren I decided to head down and make a weekend of it. The trip takes in a large swipe of the Burren over some 160km and is part of the An Post series.

So I awoke at 5:20 am on Saturday morning for the long trip to Clare. I met up with Collie in town where we packed

All ready for the 160km

up the Transit and headed west. The crew for the weekend assembled in Kilmartins in Athlone with Myself, Collie, Paul, Ollie, Dermot along with guest stars Gill and Caroline who brought a bit of colour to the group. Collie was appointed road captain for the day, being one of the more vocal members of the group. With everyone assembled and fuelled we headed on for Clare. Continue reading An Post Tour de Burren

MIL 3 Day

3 Day Race Report

Last week saw the conclusion of the Buckley Cycles MIL 3 Day. Weather played havoc, with the final race having been postponed from last Thursday. The final leg finally went ahead on Tuesday 12th last in what can only be described as shocking weather conditions.

Race 1 Tues 5th June

Race 1 of the MIL 3 Day was over the Mount Temple Circuit. The weather was looking dodgy all day with persistent rain and cloud. Fortunately it brightened up a little before the race begin. The A/B took place over 4 laps of the circuit with the C/D race doing 3 laps. TCTC riders were myself, Collie and Damien in the A/B race along with several of the Kilbeggan contingent lining out in the C/D race. Continue reading MIL 3 Day

Sunday Shorts 10th June

Group A Spin

The last couple of races have been pretty tough and with Sunday’s race taking place on a Navan Circuit where crashes are the norm I wasn’t feeling up to any hardship this week. With the promise of a Seamus-less A Spin I rolled into the Ball Alley for the 8:30 roll out. Normally when our leader in chief is away the group spin degenerates into a glorified race. Thankfully this Sunday would turn out to be quiet a relaxed spin.

Somewhere in Laois

7 willing riders rolled out with the A group. The numbers were reduced by the Wicklow 200 which for once got some nice weather. Typical really as last years event was the worst weather I’ve ever cycled through. The route was decided by committee with a short visit to the Slieve Blooms on the plate for the days spin. Continue reading Sunday Shorts 10th June