MIL League Race 5

A/B Race Report

With the country basking in unusual warm weather a large turnout was assured at last Thursdays MIL League Race in Clara. A large group signed on for the A/B race with most of the numbers in the B and B+ groups. As usual the race distance was 3 laps over the Clara Circuit. Myself, Aidan, Mick and Paul headed off with the B’s and we had a slender 1:30 advantage over the much larger B+ group. Continue reading MIL League Race 5

Sunday Racing Shorts 28/5

Open Racing

With the country basking in glorious sunshine most sane people were heading out for a nice picnic with the family. However for the brave(foolish) racing folk the Barrow Wheelers GP in New Ross was the main port of call this past Sunday. Having never been to New Ross before it was all new terrain for me. Coming towards the town from Mullinavat I was beginning to get slightly worried by the hilly terrain. Having not bothered to study the route for the race I was secretly hoping that we wouldn’t be taking on the climbs I was driving over. Continue reading Sunday Racing Shorts 28/5