MIL League 2012

Midland League Racing is returning this Thursday 19th April with the first race in Mount Temple. Sign on is from 6:00pm at the local hall with the first race rolling out at 7:00pm.

For anyone thinking of giving racing a go the Midland League is the perfect place to start from. The race is split into 2 separate events with the best riders competing in the A/B race. For anyone starting out the C/D race is the perfect place to learn the ropes.

The races are run with a handicap so B’s gets a few minutes on the A’s in their race and D’s get a few minutes on the C group.

The racing is run on a league basis and points are awarded on descending basis from 1st down. Everyone who turns up gets points.

You must marshal at least one race in order for your points total to count towards the overall league positions. Prizes are awarded after the final race of the year.

Check out the Calender for 2012 here.

Hopefully there will be a big turn out from Tullamore CTC members.

Best of luck to everyone.