Weekend Round-up March 19th

Racing Round-up

The Newbridge GP took place on Sunday 18th March, with 4 Tullamore CTC members taking part. Myself and Mick Scully headed off with the A4 Group with Peter Gillespie and Ollie Daly racing with the A3’s.

The circuit was 17km long and took in the climbs of  Boston Hill and Dunmurray Hill.  The A4’s tackled this 3 times with the A3’s doing an extra lap. The A1’s and A2’s would take this circuit on 6 times.

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Note on Group Safety

There has been a couple of accidents in the last two weeks within the Group Sunday Spins so I think it is worth highlighting some general safety points and group riding techniques.


Group Cycling Safety Advice

  1. Always wear a helmet. Any cyclists not wearing a helmet won’t be allowed on the Sunday Spins. The picture below shows the impact taken by a helmet after a recent incident in the A Group.
  2. Ensure that your bike is in good working order. Ensure brakes and gears are properly adjusted and tyres are in good condition. Continue reading Note on Group Safety